Friday, August 20, 2010

Giddy up!

Will you still need me? Will you still feed me? When I'm 64....

First birthday.

You live, you learn....

Well THIS was an unfortunate incident! After pouring the resin on a piece it is rather sticky and susceptible to dust. Therefore it is necessary to cover it with a box to protect it while it dries for a couple of days. Unfortunately for me, once I placed the cardboard box over top, the inside flap folded down and became one with the piece.....a union I wasn't to find out about until two days later when I wanted to peek at it and see how it was coming along. Needless to say I wasn't thrilled. I trimmed the box flap away as best I could and for days contemplated ways of incorporating the cardboard strip.....but alas I realized this one was a goner! It's too bad, I quite enjoyed how the image had taken shape. It was a learning experience. From this point on ward I always make a point to tape down the flaps on the inside. It's not a total loss. I still feel a fondness for this sad piece. It sits in the china cabinet in my living room, a reminder that, in everything we do, we are constantly learning.

A few works in progress